Friday, June 24, 2011

Loser ungrateful Maggots

U take everything from her and u said that shes recalling things?

how dare u said to her worthless?

ur nothing but an animal in disguise

i gave her the thing that u failed to give her for 23 damn year, a Bank Card

u talk big , full with promised but i always knew u were never good for nothing

u and ur things,

u never were a good liar, i can see through ur act

i was always an Orphan, at least u never were there when i needed u

u said to ur Funder that im the one who spent the most but u take everything and expect me to survive the whole month with only RM150, n u know? i did survive

my problems is always U now that ive abandon u ive got my life that ive missed for 22 years

i never once needed u, pathetic

im saving her from u Tyranny

dont ever show ur face before me again or ill charge u of attempted murder, lets see if u can bring all u things behind bars

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