Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just postpone it, if Im Alive, im still going to get it

i no need for a Car At this moment

there is something more important for me to do so ive just need to focus on priority, thats just how a man does decision, take note on PRIORITY, RISK and NEEDS coz one mistakes will make u suffer, and do believe, the Time Will Come

ROZAINY DIN taught me, every action we take must cater the

A - Awareness
C - Competency
T - Timely manner
I - Integrity and Honesty
O - Organize
N - Needs

in this case, its the CAR

My Budget will surely burst and i cant support Ma and Even Myself
Moral- Help Myself before Help Others and Make Others Happy

My Competency of sustaining and maintaining the Car, in term of Spareparts, Petrols and even Insurance and Roadtax
Moral- dont take responsible if its too much to handle and dont overlook

Timely Manner
ill get it, in Time
Moral- Allah reward Patience with Wonders

even me myself cant even think i can handle the cars, and im lying to take the risk to myself,
Moral - Integrity is all matters to a successful people, never hesitate

I just had my Own life, my career and my own House,im still in mess and need some plan
Moral - Fail to Plan is Plan to Fail

i just live 240 meter from the office, why need a car?
Moral - Riak is the poison and dont need extra burden

at this moment at least, i need no car,


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