Monday, June 6, 2011

Hurt? Not a bit

hari ni doktor aku terkejut bila belahan yg die bagi 3 minggu lepas terbuka dan da stat nak heal pun, die ckp ngan aku, Mohamad Ridzhuan, stitches awk terbuka ni, awak stretch kuat sgt and die da terbukak,

Kat pangkor mmg aku ade rse yang jahitan belahan tu terbuka, but aku ok je, i got the cut in my chest a Y shape and a T shape on my back,

too much? yes i got a problem in my liver, so what

and yes i do go for treatment

ive been coughing and eating blood,

tp ni sume tuk mencuci dosa, i have faith in Allah

so i got another cut and stitches on the last one, overlapped,

and the doc says once more, go easy on urself,

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