Sunday, June 5, 2011

what i will never do!

takkan menumpang rumah orang for free or more than 1 day!
im Homeless now, i sleep in the street

borrow one's car more than 2 hours
i got no cars now

hating everyone else for this misfortune
i still loves Allah and my Ma

Forgive and Forget

three times of chance is most relevant

backing off from what i believe in!
im always right to what happen to you n to me

listen to ur praise and saying that ur proud of me

right, that never does happen

Stop Hating U, U Drove Me into This
u and ur planning

Accept loser in my family
u did become a loser, shame on u

accept that u playing with some other Woman
and ur using my monthly family contribution, go to seremban my ass

u and ur properties nd the fact that u chased me out
3 times already, because of money and property

be egoistical and wimp like u
im nothing like u although ur blood runs into me, in fact i didnt even had ur O type, mine was B, yea, i Lied

i never wants to see ur face again
ill beat u up if Ma calling me crying again and this time im serious

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